Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Homemade vegetarian Christmas hamper ideas

I've been making my own vegetarian food gift hampers for the past few years. They always go down well as the recipients always appreciate the thought and effort that has gone into making them.

Home made gifts are not only a great budget option, but are also an incarnation of the saying "It's the thought that counts". After all, how long does it take to pop into Boots and pick up 3 uninspiring gifts for the price of 2, compared to making a jar full of aromatic chutney and a box of mouthwatering chocolate truffles? Even Kirstie Allsopp's at it, and I'm sure she's not short of a penny or two!

Packaged nicely (try Hobbycraft for jam pot covers and cellophane), these recipes make great home made gifts for friends, family and teachers too!

Hamper recipes:
Apple & pear chutney
Aubergine chutney
Pickled onions/Pickled cabbage

Cherry & almond fudge
Oreo truffles

Limoncello liqueur

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up to the Recipe Shed, there's some fabulous recipes there, I'm off to investigate now.

  2. Aubergine the undiscovered veg! Love this one:)


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