Saturday, 13 November 2010

The kids party dilemma

We all want our kids to be popular and have lots of friends, but how do you deal with the dreaded McD's party invite from a parent you don't know, when you and your children are vegetarian? Maybe something like this...

Me "Hi, thanks a lot for the invite, my daughter would love to come."
Party Mum "Great, thanks for letting me know, see you there."
Me "Erm...just one small thing I need to mention...she's vegetarian."
Party Mum "Oh" (Silence) "Does she eat chicken?"
Me "No, she doesn't eat any meat." (She's vegetarian!)
Party Mum "They do fish fingers."
Me "Sorry, she doesn't eat fish either!" (Erm, don't you understand the word vegetarian??) "She can have the chips and drink though!" (OK, I know the chips might have been cooked in the same frier as the fish, but I'll turn a blind eye to that, so she can go to her friend's party!)
Party Mum "Oh, OK, see you there."

"Phew" you think, as you put down the phone, but little do you know that the worst is yet to come. On arrival to the party you'll need to brace yourself for the McD's party host whispering "Oh what a shame" and glancing pitifully over her shoulder toward your child, when party mum orders the kids meals and mentions your animal-free request.

Inevitably, on
e or more of the other mums will over-hear and then quiz you on your and your children's dietary habits, which will generally include a random selection of the following questions: Do you eat fish, are you vegan, do you eat eggs, do you drink milk, what do you eat, why are you vegetarian, why don't you let the children decide when they're older, how long have been vegetarian, don't you miss bacon, is your husband vegetarian?

So, my advice is to be prepared and give the following answer to avoid further questioning  "Oh, we forage in the hedgerows for nuts and berries!" OK, maybe it's better to think that one rather than say it out loud, unless you want to avoid further party invites too! Pin It


  1. i'm vegetarian and the chicken question does my head in. think people - think!!!
    I wanted my son to be vegetarian (his dad isn't) and he is but am ashamed to say - except at children's parties. for an easy life - he can eat what he wants.

  2. I am veggie, as are my kids. The worst party experience was when a well meaning friend shouted 'No' and leapt at a tray of sausages heading in my 3yo daughter's direction. My daughter was so shocked and convinced she had been naughty, that she cried all the way through the party food. Now I always have veggie alternatives to hand, although most of my friends make a huge effort. Will prob be very different when she starts school though.
    Great idea for a blog, have followed and will be back ;)

  3. Thanks for the comments, it's lovely to hear from other veggie-raising mums! :-)

  4. Good for you for standing by your own principles! It is a pity though that vegetarians always have to justify their actions to the carnivores and their choices are either pitied or ridiculed. Sadly I am surrounded by people who couldn't imagine life without meat, despite my trying to convince them otherwise. Vegetarianism is a way of life, and I don't believe that eating animals who lost their lives for humans' selfish greed is a code of conduct to be proud of.


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