Monday, 2 May 2011

Simple pleasures

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I've just come back from a lovely, sunny weekend camping in Wales with the family. One of the first blog posts I read when I got back, was from Kate Takes 5 on the subject of simple pleasures. 

To me, simple pleasures must, by definition, either be free or cheap, so here are my top 5 (inspired by our weekend away).
  1. Family laughter - Not just a giggle, but when the whole family are nearly crying in laughter about something that any other person would not find remotely funny. For us this weekend, it was the word foxy; First mentioned by Miss Kahonie, and then repeated randomly in conversation by the rest of us, to raise a laugh. I'm not sure that makes sense if you're reading this, but it raises a smile for me, just typing it out!
  2. Going to the seaside - Which must involve eating chips on the beach, or eating an ice cream (or both, but not together!) plus paddling in the sea whatever the weather (wearing wellies and raincoats if necessary).
  3. Hide and seek (or sardines) - My children are now at an age when walks in the countryside or visiting National Trust properties just aren't cool. Mention hide and seek, and we can still win them over.
  4. Singing - I might not be the world's best singer, but I love singing. I've always sung to the children and they've grown up with a love of singing too. Mr Ony also likes a bit of a croon, but really can't hold a tune. Nevertheless, it cheers me up just to hear him attempting to sing!
  5. Reading NOW magazine - My guilty pleasure, as I do like a bit of celeb gossip.
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  1. we spend many a winters day on the beach in wellies, full waterproofs, hat, scarf gloves and body warmers, looking like the michelin man but love the feeling of freedom this gives.
    and my children didn't realise till they started school that not all mums sing like me....and they are all tone deaf as well, as is the granddaughter

  2. Oh singing - how could we have forgotten that one! Lovely list and glad you had fun camping - another simple pleasure. x

  3. A woman after my own heart. Simple pleasures followed by a guilty pleasure... although I have been weening myself off of my Aussie Soap fetish!


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