Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Zoos - The moral dilemma

To zoo or not to zoo? That is the question!
Miss Ony has had a letter from school about an ahem 'educational' school trip to Chester Zoo and of course she wants to go, as all her friends are going. 

Being a vegetarian, I'm not a big fan of traditional zoos; Partly due to the whole animals for entertainment issue and partly for animal welfare issues. A zoo seems like a bit of a freak show to me..."Hey kids lets go and laugh at the funny animals walking back and forth in their cages enclosures, it's educational you know?" I remember going to Chester Zoo, on an 'educational trip' many years ago, and returning home no more (if not less) educated than I would have been after watching a good natural history documentary.

On the other hand I do see a need to protect and breed endangered species and I applaud their breeding of native species like the hazel dormouse, but is Chester really the right place to be breeding elephants?

The Friday ClubI guess I'm a bit of a hypocrite as I've taken the kids to the West Midland Safari Park and we'll be going to Disney's Animal Kingdom later in the year. Somehow, a safari park and a kingdom, sound far more natural and spacious (and less guilt-inducing) places to visit than a zoo!

So, back to my dilemma on the school trip...Mr O is paying for her to go, to keep my conscience clear(ish).
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  1. Hello! No, we don't do zoos or safari parks! I wrote a post a while ago explaining my reasons for taking my daughter out of school because they were going to a pig farm and I did the same when one of my sons end of term 'treat' was a visit to the zoo. If you'd like to read the post give me a shout and I'll point you in the right direction(I don't like leaving links in comments...looks a bit rude!) Nice to meet another veggie! I do a meat free Monday slot on my blog!


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