Sunday, 20 February 2011

Fill in the blanks

I've been tagged by Paula (Qwerty Mum) and now have to fill in the blanks on this meme, which started in Canada on a blog called Searching for Serendipity, and arrived in the UK, thanks to Wendy from Inside the Wendy House. I know I don't have to, as I'm sure Paula wouldn't take offense if I didn't, but I like a challenge!
I am...A mum, a wife and good friend (I hope); I'm also a bit mad (in a good way!), a dreamer, a philosopher, a listener, a vegetarian, a creative person and a good cook (or so I've been told).
The bravest thing I've ever done...I'm not really a very brave person, not physically anyway. I have a very strong sense of self preservation, so I'm struggling on this one a bit; People tell me that I was brave to give birth to my 2 children at home, but I think they're braver to give birth in hospital (especially in my local hospital)!
I suppose I was brave when I decided take the plunge and change career a couple of years ago. I left a job that fitted around my family, I liked and was good at, to follow my heart and do a job where I felt I could 'make a difference'.
I feel prettiest...This is another tricky one as I don't think I'm a pretty kind of person. Pretty to me is someone little and girly and dainty, which I am not. I guess I feel best about myself when I'm on holiday and have a tan, and don't care what others think about me.
Something that keeps me awake at night...Thinking about spiders (I am an arachnophobe so they are the only creatures that I think should be exterminated!), planning things for work, or worrying about the kids.
My favourite meal is...This depends on what mood I'm in and where I am. I guess if I could be anywhere, then it would be on holiday in Greece with the family, sitting in a beach-front taverna as the sun goes down, eating tzatziki with fresh pitta bread, followed by a veggie moussaka. If I was in the UK, I would be at a house party (with friends and close family), picking at lovingly-prepared buffet food.
The way to my heart is...Through kindness, compassion, empathy, laughter, words, friendship and music (flowers and chocolate are good too!).
I would like to be...Tidier! I'm such a rubbish house wife, (apart from the cooking) but aspire to be a good one... I'm afraid life just gets in the way. On the other hand, maybe I would like to be someone who can afford to employ a cleaner!
I'm tagging my fellow mummy bloggers at Thinly Spread, Hello It's Gemma, Kate Takes 5, Parenting Expert. Not and Utterly Scrummy (please tag someone else if you've already been tagged!) What will your answers reveal about you?

I am...
The bravest thing I've ever done...
I feel prettiest...
Something that keeps me awake at night...
My favourite meal is...
The way to my heart is...
I would like to be...
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  1. Fab...I'm a rubbish housewife too so my friend bought me a fridge magnet that read "Dull women have immaculate houses!" It made me feel much better!! XXX

  2. thank you for tagging me and I am in very good company.

    Gosh, this is a hard one.
    you've given me a mission - I will do my best....
    read your list with interest.


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