Wednesday, 28 March 2012

My kitchen disaster

It's strange how you become attached to inanimate objects isn't it? Take my favourite Kitchen Devils knife for could slice, it could chop and it could cut. Now, you may think that most sharp knives can do all three things, (surely that's what knives are designed to do?) but no! I have a selection of about ten different sharp knives...some big, some small and some medium-sized. They are all useful for different jobs, but only my favourite Kitchen Devils knife could do everything.

That was until the day I dropped my beloved knife down the back of the cooker! I'm not quite sure how it happened, but within a blink of the eye it was gone...lost forever! Unfortunately the cooker was pretty much wedged in-between my kitchen units and I couldn't manage to shift it to recover my knife.

I looked for and bought a replacement, but the latest model wasn't quite the same and seemed to slice at an angle.

Well, they say bad luck comes in threes. First my knife disappeared into the back-of-the-oven-abyss. Next my faithful
food processor died, and finally my cooker gave up the ghost. The thermostat blew for the third time, and the cooker repair man advised me that it would be safer to get a new cooker than keep replacing the thermostat.

I chose my new cooker and got it delivered a couple of days later. As the cooker delivery man pulled out the old cooker and disconnected it, I noticed the glint of my knife winking at me from the kitchen floor, as if to say "Here I am, please rescue me!"

So there we are. I've been reunited with my knife, I've bought a new cooker and the world is good again...except I still haven't found a replacement food processor. 

This is my entry for the
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  1. Pleased you got your knife back, I'm always slightly nervous about what I'll find when I pull the cooker out.

  2. aww - it's such a nightmare when your kitchen appliances break isn't it Glad you got your knife back though x

  3. My blender gave up the ghost when I was trying to make too much soup in one go, and now I'm dithering over whether to replace it, or wait until I can use my KitchenAid (which will be a couple of years yet - it requires a kitchen for a start).

  4. Thanks for the comments...just hoping that I'll have a run of good luck next! I have room for a Kitchen Aid, but sadly not the budget!

  5. Oh well a silver lining at least. I hope that is all your bad luck :)

  6. Thanks Jac. All is well in my kitchen at the moment!


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