Friday, 8 March 2013

Grasmere Gingerbread

pieces of Grasmere Gingerbread on a plate

Many years ago, I visited Grasmere on a school trip, and remember spending some of my pocket money on Grasmere gingerbread. We were all given a recipe when we were back at school, and made some in Home Economics. If you've never tasted Grasmere gingerbread before, it's like an oaty, ginger shortbread. 
I've lost my original recipe, so I tweaked one from Jane Grigson's English Food
  • 6oz/150g SR flour
  • 4oz/100g fine oatmeal (or porridge oats)
  • 6oz/150g soft brown sugar
  • 6oz/150g butter/dairy-free spread
  • 1-2 tsp ground ginger
Pre-heat oven to 180C/170C Fan/Gas 4/350F.
If using porridge oats, whizz in the food processor for a few seconds.
Mix all of the dried ingredients together.
Rub in the butter/spread or mix in the food processor - the resulting mixture should be fairly dry and will look something like the Sahara desert - don't worry, it will stick together as it cooks!
Tip the mixture into a well greased baking tray (25x30cm) and press down firmly with the back of a spoon.
Bake for approx. 25-30 minutes or until golden brown.
Remove from the oven and mark into pieces with a sharp knife. 
Allow to cool fully in the tray before removing and breaking up.

Suitable for freezing.
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  1. [ Smiles ] Thanks for sharing the Grasmere Gingerbread recipe.

  2. I LOVE Grasmere gingerbread - I always buy loads of it when I go there, thinking it will last me for ages but then start eating it and can never stop - it's so delicious and incredibly moreish! And now I've got the recipe - THANK YOU!

    1. Thanks Katharine, let me know how it compares to the real thing!


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