Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Resolutions and Revelations


Happy New Year! As usual, my first post of the new year requires a look back at my resolutions post from last year to see how well I've done. 

My main resolution last year was to do more gardening and improve on my fruit/vegetable/herb patches, so that we would have some of our own fresh produce to eat. Unfortunately, with the appalling weather we had in the UK last year, I failed miserably on this resolution! Seriously, we had enough rain to float the ark, so the only crop I managed to raise successfully was one of slugs and snails! Even my normally productive apple trees only managed to produce a handful of apples between them.

This year, I want to try again (weather permitting), so I'm hoping get outside more and make a raised bed this year, to see if that helps with drainage and disease issues. 

One other thing I want to do this year, is to reduce my reliance on plastic carrier bags. I generally carry one re-usable bag around with me in my handbag, but sometimes that just isn't enough! I reckon I need to keep a couple more in the boot of my car, so they are at hand if needed. I would love it if more shops could be pro-active on this issue too. Some stores train their staff to ask if you need a carrier bag (or even charge for them), but many assume that customers want one for even the smallest item, and some assistants almost seem offended when I turn their carrier bag down!

Blog-wise, I'm determined to focus a bit more on vegetarian and vegan news, issues and product reviews. I have been very flattered to receive so many product review requests over the past year, but this year, I will try to be a little more selective in the ones I feature (unless they involve chocolate, of course!).

Finally, I'll leave you with a little update on the charity I've been supporting over the past year. Deki provides micro-loans and training to people living in poverty (in Malawi, Togo, Ghana and Nepal), so that they can create sustainable livelihoods. So far, I have lent to 5 different people and had £47 re-paid to my account, which I have then re-invested and lent to other budding entrepreneurs. If you would like to join me in helping others this year, I'd love to to join my Bloggers United Team at Deki. You don't have to be a blogger, just someone who would like to make a difference. By making a loan on behalf of the team, you will boost the team’s loan total but repayments will be made to your personal account. Find out more about team lending here.
The minimum investment is £10 and Deki charge no interest and take no commission from loans. Deki rely solely on donations to cover running costs and enable us to continue connecting entrepreneurs and investors around the world. We use carefully-vetted field partners to pass on loans to borrowers in their local currency. Field partners pass on minimal interest rates to help cover running costs and ensure sustainability. Rates are monitored to ensure they are fair and affordable.
Thanks for reading...I'd love to hear what your resolutions and aspirations are this year, so do drop me a comment below. 

Read more blogging resolutions over at Tots100.
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