Tuesday, 18 October 2011

My very veggie blogoversary give-away

A year ago, I published my very first blog post. It wasn't a very interesting one, but nonetheless it was an exciting moment for me. I wondered if anyone would read it and the subsequent posts I would add. I initially started my blog as I love writing, cooking and creating new recipes. I also thought it would be a nice way of preserving some family favourite recipes for my kids (who I named Miss Ony and Miss Kahonie for blogging purposes, as unlike many other bloggers, I prefer to hide behind an alias!)

At first I didn't publicise my blog at all, but after I found out about Britmums (or British Mummy Bloggers as it was then) and then the
UKFBA (UK Food Bloggers Association), I started to dip my toe into the mysterious ways of the blogging community... I had no idea that there were so many other people out there blogging away about so many different things! I then set up a twitter account and a Facebook page and slowly my numbers of page views and followers crept up. People were actually reading what I was writing, and cooking my recipes! 

I've 'met' some wonderfully creative, funny and inspirational bloggers along the way. Some who have made me laugh out loud, and some who have brought a tear to me eye; I'm not naming any names as I don't want anyone to feel left out. I feel proud to have joined up with other bloggers who are campaigning for various good causes - I certainly didn't start blogging with that intention.

I've been lucky enough to get some freebies along the way, and have thoroughly enjoyed reviewing some of the yummy vegetarian products I've been sent from some lovely companies.

My blogoversary giveaway might not be quite as grand as others I've seen, but I hope you like the prizes on offer well enough to join in and have a go at winning one...

So, onto the give-away:

Prize 1: A gift pack full of yummy vegetarian sweets from Goody Good Stuff

Goody Good Stuff sweets contain natural fruit juices and extracts and no artificial nasties. All varieties are vegetarian (some are vegan), fat-free, dairy-free, nut-free, Halal and Kosher certified.

Find them on Facebook or drop them a tweet @goodygoodstuff.

Prize 2: 3 vouchers for tasty Innocent veg pots (one prize).

Choose from 8 different varieties (most are vegan and all are vegetarian). All contain 3 portions of veg, wholegrains, or pulses and tasty sauce, with herbs and spices and they're ready to eat in just 4 minutes.

Find them on Facebook or drop them a tweet @innocentdrinks.

Prize 3: A delicious selection of vegetarian products from Linda McCartney Foods.

Includes the following: 1 x Vegetarian Roast, 1 x Mini Snack Vegetarian Sausages, 1 x Rosemary & Red Onion Sausages, 1 x Cranberry & Camembert Burgers (one prize).

Find them on Facebook or Youtube, or drop them a tweet  @meatfreetweets .

Winners are @msetoonie wins the Goody Good Stuff sweets, @Veggie_4_Life wins the Innocent vouchers and @mum2alesha wins the Linda McCartney products - please contact me with your address details.

  • Follow my blog and leave me a comment below to say you've done this, along with your contact details. Let me know which prize you want to try and win (one comment per prize draw entry please).
  • For another chance to win, follow me on Twitter @FacelessFood and tweet I've entered the Very Veggie Giveaway with @Facelessfood @Bookhams @Goodygoodstuff @Innocentdrinks & @Meatfreetweets
  • http://wedonteatanythingwithaface.blogspot.com and leave your twitter ID and details of your preferred prize in a comment below.
  • For another extra entry per prize, just follow the appropriate twitter ID for the prize you hope to win (@goodygoodstuff, @innocentdrinks or @meatfreetweets) and add an extra comment below - with contact details - to say you've done this.
  • Remember I need some way of contacting you in case you win, so make sure you put this in your comments! If you leave your twitter ID as means of contact, then please follow me @facelessfood so that I can message you if you win. Alternatively email me onykahonie1 at rocketmail dot com.
Terms and conditions
Entries only from the UK please.
A maximum of 3 entries for each prize are allowed per person.
Competition closes at midnight on 28th October 2011

The winner of each prize will be drawn at random.
I will contact winners within 48 hours of the prize draw. If winners have not replied within 7 days, I reserve the right to re-draw and offer the prize to another entrant.

Many thanks to Innocent, Goody Good Stuff, Bookhams and Linda McCartney Foods for kindly supplying the prizes and images provided.
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  1. Jeez, I didn't realise I wasn't following you on google connect. Oh well, I am now. Happy Blogoversary although I prefer Happy Blog Birthday. I have a least 6 of bookham's 'not just a pasta cheese in my freezer. It's fab stuff. I used to buy the big block, but the slices are much easier and you can just take them out when you need them. Oh and goody, good stuff are my favourite sweeties, so put my name forward for them please :)

  2. I follow you on twitter and tweeted :)

  3. I follow goody good stuff on twitter. (tinnedtomatoes@googlemail.com)

  4. Congratulation on reaching your 1 year milestone. Already follow your blog and would love to win prize 3 x

  5. Follow and tweeted as @PaulaHaylock (prize 3)

  6. Hello! I subscribe to your blog through google reader and would love to win the Linda McCartney goodies! I also can't wait to try the 'not just a pasta cheese', I've been missing out on parmesan so much since turning veggie! you can contact me by email, hungryhinny@hotmail.co.uk :)

  7. Happy blogoversary! I have subscribed via the blogspot follow option. I would be delighted to win any of the prizes on offer!

  8. I already follow on Twitter (@Veggie_4_Life) and have tweeted as above

  9. I am also following all three of the companies on Twitter

  10. Following all companies on twitter as @msetoonie! Particularly loving the look of prize 1 but they are all fab1

  11. I am following your blog via GFC, and I would love to win Linda McCartney Foods :) x

  12. I have tweeted about the comp and I am also following you on Twitter @mum2alesha :D x

  13. I am following @goodygoodstuff, @innocentdrinks @meatfreetweet on Twitter :D x

  14. Fab competition and Happy Blogoversary!
    I have tweeted your competition @sweet_Kat30

  15. I am following your blog on GFC and would love to try for the GoodyGoodyGood stuff prize please! You can contact me on twitter @sweet_Kat30

  16. I am following @goodygoodstuff on twitter and would love to win their prize! @sweet_Kat30

  17. Hello! I already follow your blog and I already follow you on Twitter (plus2point4).I already follow innocent drints and meat free tweets.I shall go and follow goody good stuff and tweet about your lovely competition.Happy! blogianniversary.

  18. I've been lurking folloing your blog, but am now properly following on Google Connect :D I think I've understood the rules, might have to make a few comments as the prixes look lovely! This comment is for prize 1.

  19. I've also tweeted the competition tweet and following you :) I'm @coversnails here it is: http://twitter.com/#!/coversnails/status/128096661925933056

    Also an entry for prize 1

  20. And I'm following @GoodyGoodStuff :D

    (Prize 1)

  21. And I'm following @Meatfreetweets for prize 3 too :)

  22. Happy belated blogoversary! I'm already following your blog via RSS on my Google home page and would love to enter your competition - fab prizes :-)

  23. Forgot to say I would love to win the Goody Good Stuff - we're big fans!

  24. And as you know I already follow you on Twitter - have now tweeted about your competition. You can contact me through Twitter or my website and would like to be entered for Linda McCartney prize this time.

  25. It's a shame I found you just now. Because I just tried Linda McCartney Foods and they're just awesome. I would have loved it if I won this contest of yours. Ehehe. Maybe next time then. :D


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