Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Midlands vegan festival - a review

I didn't think there were many vegans, or even that many vegetarians in the West Midlands, but by today's turn out at the Midlands Vegan Festival, I must be wrong - the Wolverhampton Civic Hall was packed with people of all ages. There were all sorts of stalls including various animal-welfare and environmental-type charities, cruelty-free products and best of all, lots of folks offering tasters and selling oodles of yummy vegan foods.

There were talks, music, cooking demonstrations, kids activities, a vegan cupcake competition and even vegan speed-dating on offer (I declined visiting the latter!) and it only cost £1 for adult entry - what a bargain!

I visited with Miss Ony, and we spent a pleasant couple of hours at the festival. We both particularly enjoyed Lizzy Hughes' cooking demos and tasting quinoa for the first time.
I hadn't been to the vegan festival before, as I wasn't sure how family-friendly it would be, but I'll certainly go again next year. Pin It


  1. Everyone should go:)Every year it's getting bigger and bigger.This year i took my 14yr/9yr who absolutely enjoyed it:),my teenager is even now thinking of going vegan!Good tip take a jute bag to put all your freebies,leaflets in,but no backpacks,lrge bags has it's so rammed..i struggle to get my purse out!Think next year needs a bigger venue.Glad you enjoyed:))

  2. We enjoyed it too - though I agree with J Squire it needs a bigger venue, as was so crowded.


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