Sunday, 6 March 2011

My pet hates

It's been a busy week in the Onykahonie household, so I've only just got around to reading my fellow bloggers' weird (in a good way) and wonderful posts on Kate Takes 5's listography. This week's list is on pet hates, of which I have many and could probably base a whole blog on them...

My top 5 pet hates this week are:

1. Tailgaters - I've witnessed several incidents of tailgating this weekend (luckily not behind me) and wonder why on earth do they do it? These invariably unattractive male drivers seem to get a kick out of harassing and intimidating other road users. Grow up and learn how to drive!

2. The economy - I've had enough of this whole recession/depression/economic down-turn or whatever we're calling it this week. Get out there girls and shop your way to a better economy.

3. People whispering, while I'm in the same room - How rude. If you want to talk about me, or don't want me to hear something, say it when I'm not there!

4. Winter - Sooo last season! I'm looking forward to welcoming in the spring, seeing some sunshine and dusting off the camping gear.

5. Shop assistants asking if I'm sure I want to use my own carrier bag - Yes I'm sure; That's why I said "I don't need a bag, thanks." I'm single-handedly saving the environment, geddit?
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  1. Thanks for joining in - I like no.4 especially!

  2. Number one .. TAILGATERS ..Oh my god .. don't ever come to live in Birmingham .. you will be constantly angry, don't even get me started on the inability of anyone around here to give way on an roundabout ... xx

  3. Once you start thinking about all your pet hates it is quite eye opening. I am in danger of becoming a Grumpy Old Woman if I'm not careful!!

  4. Totally agree about the Winter comment - I want to buy sandals already!


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