Saturday, 7 January 2017

Veganuary 2017

A slightly belated Happy New Year! 
I can't believe all the festivities are over and I'm back at work already!

This year, both Miss K (now aged 15) and I are attempting Veganuary. In case you don't know, Veganuary is a campaign in association with Viva! to encourage people to go vegan for January and "Eat delicious, healthy food, save lives and help the environment."

As a long-time vegetarian (myself) and a lifelong one (Miss K), I reckon we've done our bit to save more than a few farm animals' lives between us, however the dairy and egg industry does, of course, play on our minds from time to time. It's something which I don't often blog about, as I try not to be a 'preachy' type of vegetarian; I am married to an omnivore after all.

After a week of eating a vegan diet, I've only encountered a couple of obstacles. One is that you can't easily buy vegan cakes and I haven't had time for any guess what I've been craving? The second is eating out as a vegan; this seems to be incredibly difficult if you're a strict vegan but the Veganuary website has this covered for a variety of chain restaurants.

If you've recently discovered my blog, you might like to know that I try to avoid fussy recipes and fashionable 'out-there' ingredients, as I work full time and have a family to feed, who want wholesome, tasty but not weird, vegetarian meals. I don't have time to faff around for hours, or to knit my own quinoa, goji berry and spirulina brownies, but I do enjoy cooking.

Although not all of my recipes below are vegan, they are all budget friendly, relatively low in fat and can all be easily adapted (for example, if the recipe uses Quorn or cheese, simply swap for a vegan alternative.) I hope you enjoy them. Please let me know what you think, by leaving me a comment if you do try any of my recipes.

Veganuary meal plan - week 1
Veganuary meal plan - week 2
A cheap and lower-fat meal plan for Veganuary

For an amazing array of vegan recipes, take a look at the Veganuary recipe index.

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  1. Happy New Year!
    I recently stopped eating eggs as it just lingered in my mind too much.


  2. Happy New Year Lisa,
    I had decided not to do veganuary this month, i have been doing it since the initiative started and know i can be vegan for a month, but the real commitment is for life- 95% veganish but I am not there yet, i do feel that I am on some sort of journey.

    Happy New Year to you too

  3. I did Veganuary and found it really easy and enjoyable ... and it made me realise that being vegetarian simply wasn't enough, so a vegan I will stay for the rest of my life.

    There are so many ready prepared foodstuffs in the supermarkets now that make providing a simple and easy meal, for those of us in a hurry or who can't cook, a doddle. I have found that although I have been trying lots of 'prepared foods' I have also been ten times more experimental with cooking from scratch with our homegrown vegetables and I really enjoy it.

    Once you know that day old boy chicks are ground up in their millions as they can't go on to be laying birds and are no use for the meat industry and that dairy cows lives are just so cruel at every turn there's just no going back, well not for me anyway.

    I'll be raiding your blog for lots of recipes, thank you :-)


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