Thursday, 13 September 2012

Farewell and bon voyage!

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This is a sad post for me to write. I'm about to lose one of my oldest and closest friends (I'll call her Scarlet as I think she'd like that!), as she's emigrating with her family to Australia today. Well, I suppose I'm not really going to lose her as we'll be in regular contact thanks to the modern wonders of Skype and Facebook, but that's how it feels. 

Scarlet and I met at uni many years ago and soon realised we both had a similar outlook on life and taste in music (and luckily not a similar taste in men!). 

During our uni days, we passed many a happy hour at the student union when we probably should have been studying at the library or writing assignments, and while other friends moved on to pastures new, we remained living in the same town after we graduated. Our lives changed quite drastically over the years, but we were there for each other through the highs and the lows. 

We often moaned about our jobs and 
gossiped about our respective work colleagues, either over the phone or over a cup of tea and a piece of cake. She was a bridesmaid at my wedding and my girls were bridesmaids at hers; we celebrated our 30th birthdays together and commiserated when we hit 40! 
I'm not sure if she's ever read my blog (she knows I write one, but I haven't told her what it's called!), but if you do, Scarlet, I'm really going to miss you and my girls will miss your children just as much.

To make this post slightly food-related and slightly less self-indulgent, here's a photo of the Bon Voyage cake I made for Scarlet and her family!

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  1. Sad for you both but very exciting for Scarlet starting a new life. I bet you get to visit Australia one day which you might not have done if she hadn't moved. Fantastic cake.

    1. We're saving already, but the thought of all those spiders terrifies me!

  2. Aww reminds me of my best friend and I! Thank goodness for modern technology which will help you two stay in contact, but I understand that it's not the same. :(
    The cake you made her is very sweet of you by the way, I'm sure it would have made her smile.

    1. Thanks Adi. No, it won't be the same, but at least with Skype, we'll be able to see her children growing up.


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