Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Dear Santa...

So, it's a week into December and I've only just started Christmas (or Yule as I prefer to call it) shopping...eeek! Apparently, most organised and efficient mums have their presents bought and wrapped, and their cards written and ready to send...but not me, no, I like to wait until we're well into the holiday season until I do all the above (OK, so I just don't get the urge to spend, spend, spend until we're in December!)

Anyway, I've been browsing the internet and have come up with a few vegetarian-friendly gift ideas that either I would like, or I'm thinking about buying for my friends and family.

For the cook in the family...
  • I'm hoping for the River Cottage Veg Every Day! cookbook for myself. Unfortunately, I haven't watched many of the programmes (as it clashed with X Factor!), but from what I've seen and read about the series, and my growing respect for Hugh F-W, I think this will be a good book.
  • If you're going to buy one classic cook book, I can recommend Rose Elliot's New Complete Vegetarian. I received it last Christmas, and it's become a firm favourite.
  • I love colourful cookware, and have had my eye on these Joseph Joseph stacking bowls for quite a while.
For the fashion-conscious veggie...
  • If you love make up, try Urban Decay's cosmetics, including the amazing vegan palette. I received the dangerous palette for Christmas last year and it's lovely.
For the teen veggie...
  • For the veggie twilight fan, get one of these fab vegetarian vampire t-shirts.
  • Find fashionable vegetarian 'leather' shoes, jackets and belts at Vegetarian Shoes.
  • Not necessarily vegetarian, but Blue Banana is my elder daughter's current favourite shop with loads of quirky fashion items.
For the younger veggie...
For the veggie who has everything...
  • Make up a hamper - fill with home made goodies or with shop bought items on a particular theme e.g. Sweet hamper - Goodie Good Stuff sweets, Hotel Chocolat chocolate, veggie Percy Pigs from M&S and some retro sweets,  or veggie essentials - Marmite, Goodlife Worcester sauce, Bookhams vegetarian Parmesan, packs or dried herbs/spices, veggie gravy, veggie jelly crystals etc.
  • Buy something handcrafted, like a vegan tea cup candle from Nyan Nyan or choose from a wide range of original gifts from Veg Etsy (World-Wide).
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  1. Great ideas!! I love Rose Elliott! x

  2. I had Hughs book for my birthday last week and I can confirm that it is going to a favourite in this veggie blended household ,especially as hubby grows all our veg .

  3. Thanks for the recommendation Anon!

  4. What a great post. I am a fan of nearly everything you listed. River Cottage Veg is a fabulous book. I love it! Add some veggie percy pigs from Marks & Spencers to the hamper too :)

  5. Thanks Jacqueline, great idea about the Percy Pigs!

  6. I've enjoyed this post, its refreshing.

    HFW book is on my wish list too, but my husband is not happy with HFW this year and his v. short period of dabbling in vegetrianism to make a few bucks. But hey ho, that is celebrity cooks for you.

    My nephew is a fan of Blue Banana too. I did see some cool mushroom earrings in one of their shops. I'm of to check out the Veg Vampire t-shirts. And oh I love Urban Decay make-up.

  7. Thanks for your comment Shaheen. I kind of agree with your husband, but I'm giving HFW the benefit of the doubt!

  8. I absolutely love Urban Decays Vegan Pallete! It's such a brilliant gift :) x

  9. I got the HFW book for Christmas and it's actually really good. I was wary of the series and him, too, but I watched one episode and was pretty bowled over by the recipes. I liked what he said in his introduction and I particularly like his attitude that you should use the vegetables for their own sake and not try to make them pretend to meat.


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