Monday, 27 December 2010


Bizarrely (or maybe not) when checking my blog stats, I've found that around a third of my page views come from Germany, so I would like to take the opportunity to welcome my German readers. 

I say bizarrely, as I visited Alzenau in Germany, many years ago on a school exchange trip, when I was 14. Although I wasn't vegetarian then, I didn't eat red meat and this was viewed with much suspicion from my host family. When I refused salami and other cold meats at breakfast, they weren't quite sure what to offer me. I seem to remember chewing on rye bread, which is an acquired taste when you're used to British bread. I also remember potato and apple soup and potato pancakes with apple sauce, neither of which I have attempted to recreate back in the UK. I did however see some beautiful schlösser (castles) and enjoyed some very yummy kuchen (cakes) and schokolade (chocolate)!

My parents love Germany and have friends who live there, but they have said that little has changed on the vegetarian front especially when eating out. I would love to return one day to see the sights and travel on efficient and clean public transport, so if anyone lives in Germany or has a German vegetarian food/travel blog, do feel free to leave a comment and a link to your site. Pin It

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