Saturday, 27 April 2013

Holland & Barrett Veg.Out Products - a review

Holland and Barrett vegetarian pastries
Holland & Barrett have recently launched a whole range of ready-to-eat vegetarian snack foods. Most of these use meat substitutes and closely resemble their animal-based counterparts! This might be disconcerting for some veggies, but I think they would particularly appeal to new vegetarians and people who want to reduce their meat consumption. 

The O family tried out the Veg.Out meat-free Italiano, Cornish-style and Jerky Jamaican lattices (pasties), plus a porkless pie, Scotch egg and jumbo sausage roll.

Our least favourite product was the porkless pie, which had way too much pastry and not enough filling. We had mixed views on the lattices; Mr O preferred the Cornish-style, I preferred the Jerky and the children preferred the Italiano. All of the pasties tasted distinctly different from each other, but again these were a little on the slim side and would have benefited from a bit more filling and a little less pastry. Our favourites were the veggie Scotch egg and jumbo sausage roll. The girls had never eaten vegetarian Scotch egg before, so they enjoyed the novelty factor as well as the taste!

Although we were divided in opinion about some of the products, we all agreed that they would make a good sandwich alternative if you wanted something quick to grab and go, or as a vegetarian/vegan addition to a picnic. All of the products, except for the Scotch egg, are suitable for vegans and are available from Holland & Barrett stores nationwide. RRP from £1.15-£1.55 per product.

Integrity Statement
I received some free samples from Holland & Barrett to review. I did not receive payment, and was not required to write a positive review in return. The views expressed are genuinely those of myself and my family. 

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  1. I couldn't stand the scotch egg but liked the spicier lattices and the sos roll.

  2. I agree that the sos roll was one of the better products. Thanks for popping by Jac :-)

  3. These look fab, I will be looking out for them!

  4. I hated the pork pie and i just tried the scotch egg and didn't like it either...there is something in both the fillings that makes me want to heave. My favourite so far is the Jerky slice and the Italiano but I agree with what you said the filling was lacking and i tasted more pastry then the insides. I don't suppose you know any brands that are pretty good?? Because at the moment it's putting me off. I won't go back to my meat-eating days but it's starting to feel like the quick alternatives are not tasty, always lack something or making me heave :/ It's also putting me off trying new things. I have only been a veggie for a week...

    1. I think it depends on whether you like meat substitutes or not. Have you tried Linda McCartney or Quorn products? If you don't like the texture of meat, you might prefer Goodlife products which are vegetable based. If you post on my Facebook page, I can send you some links which may help.

  5. These are great as well as quorn and fish etc. Really tasty love scotch egg, sos roll,no steak bake

  6. love the scotch eggs nice flavour and filling too not so keen on the sos roll l find them very dry and hard to digest.

  7. The SOS roll is ok, even better if you take it home and heat it up in the oven. However the rest are quite lame offerings as opposed to what they used to do about 10/15 years back.

    The lattice things are just all pastry with a thin layer of filling that are just bland, boring and not consistent with their label. Back in the day they used to do a chili bean pastry that was a think pie with a load of kidney beans and filling that was yummy. Now the meagre offerings just don't hit the mark, especially now that other places are jumping on the vegan bandwagon and putting out some great food.

    So now I don't purchase from here and go elsewhere. Maybe H&B need to reformulate their veggie offerings to keep up with the vegan tsunami that is occurring.

  8. Scotch egg from Holland & Barrett was disgusting,all I could taste was salt.


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