Friday, 2 November 2012

Approved Food - a review

I was lucky enough to win £100 to spend on products from Approved Food, after submitting my budget family food ideas to a Tots100 competition. If you haven't discovered them already, Approved Food sell a wonderfully random selection of foods and other products which are either end of ranges, approaching their use-before date or past their use-before date. As someone who is happy to eat products a little after their eat by date, this was great, but I know other people maybe slightly more wary!

The Approved Food website is easy enough to navigate, although not as user friendly as the major supermarkets' websites, mainly because the categories are more limited and the product availability changes frequently depending on is in stock. For example, you might see a great bargain one day, add it to your trolley and come back the next day to find that it's out of stock. I found the best way to shop was to go through each category picking what I could use to make different meals, plus adding a few random products just to try, or ones which I knew would keep for longer such as dried pasta, rice and kitchen products. You then need to check out that day to ensure the goods remain in stock. 

One other point worth mentioning from a veggie view point, is that there were lots of dried pulses, pasta and grains, plus some eco, organic, vegan and gluten-free products available when I placed my orders, which would cost significantly more had I bought then in a supermarket or health-food store.

I was slightly confused by the checkout process, as I expected to be able to select a delivery day/time. Instead, after checkout I was emailed with an estimated range of delivery days. I was then texted with a day (no time as yet) for my delivery, and at this point I could choose to select the allocated day or one of the following two days. After that, I then received a further text and email confirming a one hour delivery slot, which again I could choose to change if not convenient. I had already specified that I was happy for the delivery driver to leave my delivery in a specified safe place if I wasn't in, so I was happy with the time slot offered. There was also a useful delivery tracking button, should your parcel not arrive as expected and a helpful
 approved food forum, where you can ask questions about different products, delivery times etc.

My deliveries arrived on time and in good condition. Everything arrived well packaged in cardboard boxes, with each glass jar or bottle individually wrapped in bubble wrap. Taste-wise, everything was fine. Some of the out-of-date biscuits I bought were a tad soft, but not enough to spoil their taste.

On my first shop I spent just £27.73 (including delivery) on mainly packet, tinned and bottled products which should have retailed at £86.62, saving me £58.62. I spent 23.26 on my second shop, saving £44.53 compared to the RRP. However, a saving isn't really a saving unless the products are used, so I would suggest that you meal plan as you shop and don't get too tempted by the array of discounted chocolate on offer!

Integrity Statement
I won £100 to spend at Approved Food. I was not asked or required to write a review and the views expressed are genuinely those of myself and my family. The link provided is a referral link. Pin It


  1. What a good idea to sell food that would otherwise probably go to waste.

  2. Approved Foods are BRILLIANT: I have been using them for about six months, order sufficient each time to allow free delivery and have rarely been disappointed with product quality (only akin to the soft biscuits mentioned in the blog). The best deals, in my view, are on dried, canned and bottled goods or sauces in pouches. I have saved several hundred pounds against RRP and NOTHING has been wasted!


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