Sunday, 22 April 2012

Green People's sun lotion - a review

I've just come back from a lovely week away with the family in Albufeira, Portugal. Not being one to miss an opportunity to thoroughly test any product I review, I took a tube of Green People's Organic Children  sun lotion to try out on my sensitive-skinned children, plus myself and the less sensitive Mr O!

Of course, all Green People products are vegetarian and not tested on animals and many of their products are also vegan (which is clearly marked), including a factor 15 vegan sun cream.

"Our natural sunscreens contain antioxidants and anti inflammatory ingredients with skin vitamins A, C and E (Green Tea, Olive, Avocado and Rosemary extract) to help support the skin's immune system and protect against cell damage." 
The SPF 25 sun lotion we tried out was unscented, as Miss Ony has been known to come out in a nasty all-over skin rash when she uses scented sun creams and the eczema-prone Miss Kahonie says that most sun creams (even unscented ones) make her face sting. The Green People lotion was thick, rich and easy to apply, although it did take more rubbing in than a spray-on sun lotion would; It felt very moisturising too.

© Albufeira old town beach
I'd normally buy a factor 50 cream if we were going abroad in the summer, but thought that a factor 25 would be fine for this time of year in the Algarve or on a rare sunny British summer day. Interestingly though, Green People say that the frequency of application is more important that the factor you use:
"SPF25 sunscreen offers 96% protection from rays while SPF50 offers 98%. SPF 30 sun lotions do not offer twice the protection of SP15. Applied properly , SP15 filters out 93% of UVB rays, while SPF 30 filters out 97%. Even the highest SPF100 offers 99% protection against UVB rays. It is far more important to apply sun lotions regularly and liberally."
The cream protected us all well, even on hot sunny days (with several applications) and neither of the girls suffered any reaction to it. Miss Kahonie's dry skin actually looked better after using the cream for a few days.

At £15.95 for a 150ml tube, the cream is not cheap, but worth the money if you can't use cheaper lotions. As we generally go through 4-5 bottles of sun lotion between us on a summer 2 week holiday in the sun,  I reckon that buying a tube of Green People for us all to use on our faces and then getting a cheaper store's-own unscented product to use on our bodies is a good compromise between cost and sensitivity!

Green People stock a wide variety of skin, body and hair care products, which can all be purchased from their
online shop

Integrity Statement
I received a 150ml tube of Green People children's sun lotion to review. I did not receive payment, and the views expressed are genuinely those of myself and my family.  Pin It


  1. So kind of you to go on a sunny holiday just so you could review this product for us ;-) Interesting about the frequency versus SPF - I never knew that.

  2. Haha, glad you appreciate the effort I put into my reviews! Now, who wants me to review a Caribbean holiday?

  3. Albufeira, my beautifull city! :)
    The sun lotion must be excelent, next summer I will try it :)

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