Saturday, 3 March 2012

ASDA chocolate mousse - a review

Twitter can be a wonderful thing...Veggie Advisor tweeted the other day that ASDA now do vegetarian chocolate mousses (i.e. no gelatine). So, in the name of product research, I felt I had to pop out and buy some to try. They only cost 60p for 4 small pots, so they hardly break the bank! 

Miss Kahonie was the first one to try a pot and said that it was really smooth and chocolaty. She was swiftly followed by Miss Ony who stated that it was light and creamy with an intense chocolate taste! I felt I had to try one too, in case they weren't that great, but I can confirm that ASDA chocolate mousses are yummy! The texture was really good too, so I'm left wondering why gelatine is used in so many mousses and other desserts, if they can make them without?

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