Friday, 7 October 2011

Goody Good Stuff - Vegetarian and vegan sweets

One of the hardest things I've found as a vegetarian mother is explaining to my kids that they can't eat certain things. I took the decision quite early on that I wouldn't worry too much about them eating hidden ingredients (like non-vegetarian cheese and gelatine) when they were out and about, but I would only buy genuinely vegetarian products to eat at home. They've always accepted this, but they do have the odd moan about not being able to have certain sweets.

Although there are some vegetarian chewy sweets available in supermarkets, they're normally packed full of artificial flavours and colours, which I'd also rather that they didn't eat. I recently read about Goody Good Stuff sweets in a vegetarian food magazine and thought they sounded pretty good. There are 8 types (4 gummy varieties and 4 sour varieties) which are all either vegetarian or vegan, plus they are gluten-free, halal and use only natural colours and flavours (so even most children with food allergies can eat them).

I was asked to review them on my blog, which my children were only to pleased to help with!

We tried 3 of the varieties: Koala gummy bears, sour cola bottles and sour fruit salad. All 3 varieties were satisfyingly chewy, although not quite as chewy as gelatine-based sweets. The fruity flavours were great and despite only using natural ingredients, the colours were nice and vibrant. The sour varieties both had a good tangy taste, although we would have all liked them to be a little more sour. The koala gummy bears were just right though and both of my kids said they tasted nicer than a certain well know brand of chewy sweets! We were all impressed the sweets and were left wanting more!

Goody Good Stuff sweets certainly live up to their claim that give sweets a good name. I will definitely be buying them in future as an occasional treat and to put in party bags.

Goody Good Stuff sweets are available to buy from various online retailers and from Holland and Barrett and Waitrose. Click here for a full list of suppliers.

Integrity Statement
I received 3 packets of sweets to review and a prize to give away (more next week!) I did not receive payment, and the views expressed are genuinely those of myself and my family,

©Images courtesy of Goody Good Stuff.

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  1. A lovely post dear... I can understand the difficulty of explaining things when it comes to food to kids..:)

  2. We tried the Cola bottles recently ourselves too and enjoyed them - they're nicer than the non-vegetarian versions! I do think it's important for kids not to feel 'deprived' because of being veggie, so it's great to have yummy alternatives like these to treat them with - thanks for the review :-)

  3. I really like Vegetarian and vegan sweets. I think that its great for your body and health. I think that many health conscious people would love to have this kind of sweets.

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