Monday, 24 October 2011

Bookhams vegetarian 'Parmesan' - tastes as good as the real thing

Chances are that if you're reading this, you'll already know that real Parmesan cheese isn't vegetarian as it contains rennet extracted from calves stomachs. The Vegetarian Society recently ran a campaign to highlight this, but many restaurants still mark dishes containing Parmesan as vegetarian.

Bookham Fine Foods have come up with the ideal solution to this issue, by developing their own vegetarian Italian-style hard cheese wittily called 'Not Just A Pasta Cheese' as they weren't allowed to call it vegetarian Parmesan!

My family have been putting some of Bookhams products to the taste test, including Not Just A Pasta Cheese (which we had with pasta!) We also tried their pasta sauce, penne pasta, Sussex Charmer cheese and butter.

"At Bookhams, we're real people who eat real food, just like you do. Our philosophy is 'for taste', inspired by Italian Cuisine, achieved through the use of sensitively sourced, British & traceable natural ingredients. All our products have now been approved by the Vegetarian Society. What's more, our Dried Pasta and Pasta Sauces are great for Vegans too"
Not Just A Pasta Cheese is a fantastic substitute for Parmesan - it has very similar texture, grates well and has a good strong, almost nutty taste. It went really well over a bowl full of Bookhams penne pasta and their spicy tomato sauce. Although I don't usually buy ready-made sauces, this one really tasted home made, and would make a good alternative for a quick family meal, when you don't have time to make your own pasta sauce.

Their Sussex Charmer cheese also went down well with my cheese-loving family. It's a farmhouse-style cheese with a lovely mature but not over-powering flavour. We tried it with fresh home made bread spread with Bookhams South Downs butter - which made a lovely combination.

As a family, we were all impressed with the Bookhams products we tried and would happily purchase them ourselves.

Integrity Statement
I received various products from Bookhams to review and a discount code to share on my blog. I did not receive payment, and the views expressed are genuinely those of myself and my family. Pin It


  1. In Israel we don't have a problem with rennet as all local cheeses are meat derivative free by law as they have to be Kosher. Select imported cheeses in the supermarket are only the rennet free ones. We have also a local parmesan which tastes fine - and they call it parmesan even though it's made here.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been hunting for a vege parmesan when I stumbled upon your fantastic blog. I have added to my favourites for more fantastic veggie reading :-)

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment Dawn. You might like to know that Sainsbury's also do a vegetarian parmesan-style cheese in their basics range (known as Italian hard cheese).


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