Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Tweet and Eat with Innocent

I'm a bag fan of Innocent's fruity smoothies and juices, especially as they're a great way of getting some extra 5-a-days into my kids during the autumn and winter, when their favourite soft fruits become really expensive.

I didn't realise that Innocent had expanded their range to include
veg pots though. Veg pots are all vegetarian (and most are vegan too) and contain "3 portions of veg, wholegrains, or pulses and tasty sauce, with herbs and spices..." so they sound ideal for a quick lunch at work.

The good news is that Innocent are giving away loads of discounts and offers for veg pots over the next few weeks, in an original and interactive way called tweet and eat; The clue's in the name...the more people that tweet #tweetandeat, the cheaper you eat! As the number of people who tweet increases, the discounts will too - so you might be able to buy veg pots for a pound, half price, or even completely free.

Collective buying power is where it’s at. So get all of your friends, family and followers tweeting loudly to push up the Tweet-O-Meter and get more discounts.


My family and I tried two Innocent veg pot varieties: Mexican sweet potato chilli and Thai curry. My children shared most of the chilli, as a filling for wraps. It was mild but tasty with nice bite-sized chunks of vegetables and lots of different beans. They really enjoyed it and said they'd happily eat it again. Mr Ony and I shared the Thai curry with some extra rice. . It was packed full of pulses and vegetables and had a really nice texture. It was strongly flavoured with lemon grass and other Thai spices, which we love...but it might be a bit over-powering for those who prefer milder flavours.

The pots are a generous size for one person, and would make a healthy filling lunch or dinner. I particularly liked the idea on the packet, they they would make good camping meals.

I wouldn't pay full price for the pots, as I think they're a bit expensive, but would happily buy them if they were reduced or using the half price #tweetandeat vouchers.

Integrity Statement
I received 5 veg pot vouchers. I used 2 for this review and will be giving the other 3 away soon.  

Image courtesy of Innocent.
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