Friday, 2 September 2011

Fab Effex - A fab set for rainy days and long journeys

10 year old Miss Kahonie was feeling bored (well it is week 6 of the school holidays!), so she was thrilled when I showed her the pack of Fab Effex which had just popped through the letterbox. She loves creative activities and fashion (one of her ambitions is to be a fashion designer), so Fab Effex sounded ideal to combine the two.

pack contents
The contents of the box looked a little puny - 3 little bags, which contained 3 cardboard dress up dolls, a pack of pre-cut Fab Effex pieces in various shapes and 2 small sheets of uncut Fab Effex in different designs. Miss Kahonie was initially a little disappointed by the quantity of the contents, but soon got stuck in designing her first outfit.
Just in case you've never seen Fab Effex, this is what the manufacturers say about the product: "Get a fabulous formable fabric experience with Fab Effex! The kits come with lots of patterns, textures and shapes. You can shape it, wrap it, stick it and it holds its shape."
the finished outfits
The product is aimed at children aged 6+ but I think that an average 6 year old would need quite a bit of adult help to manipulate the little pieces and cut out small clothes-shapes from the uncut sheets. The instructions look a little overwhelming as there's lots of text to read Miss Kahonie had a quick look at the pictures and then ditched the instructions and learnt by trial and error. It took her around an hour to design outfits for all three of the dolls and she came up with some lovely ensembles.

Miss Kahonie said "Fax Effex is really creative and fun to do. You can design any outfits you want to and use the pieces again. It's quite hard to cut it to the shapes you want and the handbags are difficult to make though. The instructions looked really complicated, so I didn't use them."
Fab Effex is reusable and portable, so it's ideal for long journeys or to take on holiday for a rainy day activity (it would be useful if it came with a resealable bag to store the pieces). I think it's probably best suited to 8-11 year olds, Extra sheets of Fab Effex are available in refill sets which is a good idea to prolong the life of the product and to extend the play value. There's also an animal set available, so it's not just aimed at girls.

So to the crunch question, would I buy Fab Effex? Yes, I would. At around £9.99, it would make a nice birthday or Christmas present for Miss Kahonie's friends.

Integrity Statement
I received 1 pack of  Fab Effex to review. I did not receive payment, and the views expressed are genuinely those of myself and my family.

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