Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Tourism and The Truth

It's not often that I'm glued to the TV, but when I stumbled upon Stacey Dooley's Tourism and the Truth, whilst channel hopping, I was captivated.

The episode I first watched, was about the impact of tourism in Kenya; In the drive to keep holiday costs down, more and more British tourists are opting for luxury all inclusive holidays at a bargain price. As most of the tour operators and hotel owners still want to make a decent profit, they cut costs by paying their staff below the paltry minimum wage, or in some cases sacking their workers without paying them for their labour at all. 

Shockingly, a luxury golf course had been allowed to cut families off from their water supply, by building a wall around to keep the locals out, and a Masai tribe benefited by a mere 300 shillings from 4000 shillings a Western family thought they were paying for traditional Masai souvenirs.

Certainly food for thought if you're considering such a holiday.

If you have a spare hour, please do watch it on BBC IPlayer, and let me know what you think. Pin It

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  1. That is just unacceptable. I would never be able to enjoy a holiday in a place where I know the management mistreated their staff or the locals.


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