Monday, 30 May 2011

Chiquito - Over priced and under spiced!

We used to love an occasional family meal out at Chiquito Mexican Restaurants. They have always provided a good range of vegetarian options for both adults and children alongside a good atmosphere and service with a smile.

Unfortunately a meal out this weekend to celebrate Miss Kahonie's fabulous year 5 test results, was less than impressive (quick proud-parent brag for anyone who understands the UK assessments...she jumped from a 3A to a 5C in literacy...whoohoo!)

It wasn't a good start to the meal, when the usual free (mini) appetiser of tortilla chips and salsa didn't arrive and the member of waiting staff serving us looked stressed and kept apologising for the wait (blaming the kitchen staff.) We had to ask for kids' menus, maybe because we have tweens rather than little ones.

The recent changes to the kids' menu looked great on paper, with even more veggie options than before, and costing only £4.99 for a main meal, pudding and drink. Miss Ony chose the roasted vegetable fajita wrap (the anaemic vegetables weren't roasted - probably microwaved - and were in chunks far too large for the average child to find appealing) and Miss Kahonie went for the veggie bean chilli tacos (which actually looked quite nice).

While the kids enjoyed their meals, Mr O and myself were less than impressed. The menu had plenty of options for me as usual, and I went for the veggie bean chilli enchiladas and Mr O (the only non-veggie amongst us) decided on the Texan chicken melt.

My enchiladas were a poor excuse for Mexican food, or even Tex-Mex. They should have been soft, oozing with filling, and topped with melted cheese - they weren't. I reckon the wraps had been microwaved - they were tough and certainly hadn't been baked with tomato sauce and cheese. In fact, they were topped with a generous estimate of approximately 5g of cheese and they certainly weren't worth £10.

Mr O's £12.99 chicken was rather puny looking and he said it was dry and tasteless. He'd asked for rice with it and it came with chips, so he had to send it back.

It's a shame, as Chiquito used to be one of our favourite restaurant chains, but we certainly won't be planning to re-visit any time soon.

Chiquito - over priced and under spiced in my humble opinion. Pin It


  1. Have to agree with you here...I was really excited when a Chiquito's opened up near me as I love Mexican food, but have always been disappointed when I go there. I feel like I could make most of it at home!

  2. depends where you live as the one in norwich has always been excellent,and iv'e been there many times did you complain about the food to the staff or like most people only complain later, i work in catering and often hear people complaining about nothing as alot of people are just out to get money off or free, hope this wasn't the case, like i said not every place is the same and if not happy say something while there not later.

  3. Maybe it varies from place to place, but having been to one in Durham and Leicester square, we have always had great service and food. Once was a party of 8 of us, the other just 2. Both times gave impeccable, attentive service, and wonderful flavoursome food. I had vouchers for a percentage off the food bill from vouchercloud, which was good, but even without I feel the quality of the experience fully justified the slightly above average prices.

  4. I agree that the different branches can vary in food quality and service, but I still feel the food quality isn't as good as it used to be generally...especially if you're vegetarian. Anon 1 we didn't complain at all (as we were out celebrating and didn't want the kids to feel like we weren't enjoying our night out), and certainly weren't trying to get a discount. We just left feeling disappointed.


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