Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Marks & Spencer £2 chicken

I was shocked by M&S's recent advertising campaign for their special offer £2 chickens. £2 for a whole chicken, bargain. That's about the same cost as a pack of Quorn mince or an organic butternut squash!

To tell you the truth, I expected more from them. I know they haven't broken any laws or anything, but it worries me that if M&S are going back down the 'cheap meat' route to make a few quid from cash-strapped consumers, we can only expect that the less ethically aware larger supermarkets will follow the trend.

I wanted to know just how concerned M&S are about the welfare of their cheapo chooks, so I visited the M&S website to find out. By reading between the Politically Correct (Plan A) lines, I found out that the slow growing Oakham breed are given a paltry (excuse the pun) 1 metre square of space for every 30kg/66lb of live poultry. Now, maths isn't my strongest subject but that doesn't sound like a lot of room to stretch their redundant wings and their oh-so-tender legs.
I reckon, assuming that the live weight of a mature (ready-to-eat) chicken is 6lb, that's equivalent to 11 chickens per square metre. Cosy!
Don't worry though, they have straw bales to perch on. Pin It


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